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It's time to start using your money intentionally.

Financial Translating

Need help analyzing and understanding your existing benefits? 

Or do you need an answer in a sea of questionable information?

Financial Planning

Do you want an overall strategy on what you need to do with your finances to meet YOUR goals?

Also, what risks exist in your life that you may not be aware of?

Financial Coaching

You may know what to do but do you need help doing it? 

Money is stressful and sometimes we need a helping hand to keep ourselves accountable to aligning our finances to our futures.

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Buy that coffee without regrets.

My Story

Financial Planner, Coach and "Explain It Like I'm Five" Translator

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Contact Me


Hello! My name is Billy, thanks for swinging by!

I’m the owner of Billfold Budget Counseling as well as the person you'll meet with for any of your money questions. My pronouns are he/him*.

I believe that money is not a natural thing. If it were, we'd see a LOT more therapists throughout the animal kingdom. Because of this, I feel that there's no shame in not understanding personal finance. But if you're feeling hopeless, anxious, and overwhelmed about your financial situation, I'm here to help.

Please click below to learn more about me and the Billfold Budget Mission and let's see how you can benefit from our services.

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